Don't risk a life, use Apollo Gas Ltd for safe LPG
Don't risk a life,use Apollo Gas Ltd for safe LPG 

DIY Gas ?





  • Have you considered working with the gas on your boat?


  • If the thought has crossed your mind, maybe we can get you to ask yourself the following questions...





1) Are you qualified to work on a butane or propane gas system on boats and registered with The Gas Safe Register?


2) Are you competent to work with gas and prepared to risk the lives of your family and friends if you make a mistake?


3) Would you work on your gas system at home? LPG is much more volatile than domestic gas.


4) What do you know of current regulations and technical advice surrounding gas on boats?


5) Have you checked that your insurance company are happy for you to work on your gas system?



Apollo Gas Ltd is seeing more and more instances of do it yourself gas work on board, the majority of which either do not comply with regulations or are simply dangerous due to a lack of knowledge and expertise.


Apollo Gas will no longer offer advice on DIY installations, to ensure there is no risk of our liability in the event of something going wrong.


It is unlikely that your insurers will cover you in the event of a DIY installation.


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Apollo Gas engineers are fully trained, fully qualified, registered with The Gas Safe Register and fully insured to work with Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) on board your boat. We carry the correct tools and materials for all eventualities and we have the equipment to test pressure levels and check for gas leaks.

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